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HID Xenon Headlights Installation in Middlesbrough
HID lights have been shown to contribute to driving safety. Studies have demonstrated that drivers react faster and more accurately to obstacles with HID lights rather than halogen ones. With 300% more light than a standard halogen bulb, you will be amazed how much better you can actually see when driving on dark road.

  • 12 Month Warranty
  • High quality & extremely high effciency
  • Save power, 35W V 55W for halogen bulbs.
  • Halogen Lamp life is 10 times longer than halogen bulbs.

The range of exposure is 3 times brighter than halogen bulbs, which helps when you’re driving at night or in extreme weather conditions.

Don’t get confused with Xenon bulbs you get from Motorist discount centres. Their bulbs are virtually the same halogen bulbs you already have, but with a blue painted film to give the impression of HID’s. On average they only last 6-8 months before they blow.

Our high quality “CanBus” kits comprise of 2 x Xenon gas filled bulbs in various colours tints, and 2 x Ballast packs.

The Xenon bulbs differ to Halogen bulbs in that they don’t have a metal filament inside. They’re filled with xenon gas which is ignited at 20,000 volts by the ballast packs

We would recommend either the 6000K or 8000K bulbs. The 6000K’s are used by the motor manufacturers, but if you fancy something slightly bluer, the 8000K’s are for you !

*Please be aware, the UK law states that vehicles with HID Xenon lights must have self leveling headlights and a headlight washing system. This is to stop any dazzle to oncoming traffic.

We take no responsibility for MOT failures or spot fines.

After reading the reviews on this site, and considering whether to go with halfords, I am finally very pleased that I have chosen Duncan at mobile installation services as he is exceptionally knowledgeable with the product and he is knows what he is doing. I have basically left the car in his safe hands and he did a brilliant job. Very good customer service and also explained how to use the kit. I have no hesitation in recommending Duncan to anyone

Mr Sri Kanaparthy

I called Duncan at 08.00 he was at my home at 09.00, Nokia hands free blue tooth fitted & he sorted the cables out for the ipod player, Will no doubt use again!

Alan Castelow

I was bought a Parrot CK3100 as a Christmas present and was let down by a high street shop for the installation. Apparently my new Audi TT with Bose was too difficult!! My partner found MIS (Duncan) through the internet. What a nice chap he is, installation was very neat, I also got him to hard wire my sat-nav while he was here. A very genuine professional man and reasonably priced, and the work was done at my house. Certainly knew his stuff. Would well recommend him for any in-car entertainment work.

Philip Rolfe

The quality of the fitting coupled with the professionalism of the fitter we are extremely pleased with the whole service. We had a Parrot hands free kit fitted in a new car and you would think its factory fitted. Also the cost of the fitting was great value for money. We have recommended this company to member of the family who will be getting some audio equipment fitted and any other car equipment we may purchase in the future we will use this company again.

Ram Chatha